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6 Sep

Art Official…Today

Well…today’s my arbitrary release date and no sign of the vinyl.  I sent the masters in back in early July, [&hellip

11 Jul

Art Official pre-order

As of today, the album is off to the cutter and should be available by the 9/6 release date.  So…I’m [&hellip

27 Apr

Art Official is “Official”

  It’s coming.  The latest Mount Mole record is going to be released sometime over the summer as a small [&hellip

4 Mar

Frame Work

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to post the output of my 2011 RPM Challenge work.  The reason for the deliberation [&hellip

4 Feb

All the news that’s fit.

I (Mount Mole) am in another band.  We’re called The Pill Crows and we’re a “real” band.  It’s definitely more [&hellip

30 Aug

SadSadSad: A New FreE-P

Happy Tuesday Monday!!! Yeah. So I’ve stopped the track of the week nonsense, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped. [&hellip

24 Aug

SadSadSad – New EP next week

Here’s a video for a track from a new EP that will be dropped next week via our Bandcamp page. [&hellip

6 Jul

The Artless Word

Surprise, surprise.  On this, the hottest wave we’ve seen in 2 years, I’m dropping some hotwave music on your unsuspecting [&hellip

6 Apr

MMX available now!

MMX is now out and ready for sale. Physical copies are $5 (+$2 shipping USA) and are available at: Collar [&hellip

25 Mar

Pre-release is a go

Short post…. The record is available as a pre-release purchase for $5 + $2 postage over at the Collar City [&hellip

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