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3 Jun

Lunch Audio #16

In theory, this track is much closer to what I’ve always sounded like.  I can’t really explain the recent 80’s [&hellip

27 May

Lunch Audio #15

What does a medieval drawing of a bunch of dudes transacting business with the church behind them have to do [&hellip

20 May

Lunch Audio #14

It should be painfully obvious at this point that I should get a keytar. ———————————————————————————– Lunch Hour Audio #14 [Audio [&hellip

13 May

Lunch Audio #13

Jan Hammer eat your heart out.  No…really.  EAT YOUR HEART OUT. Now I’m sure that there is probably an entire [&hellip

6 May

Lunch Audio #12

While this track would probably live very comfortably within the soundtrack of one of the Bourne Movies, it’s definitely got [&hellip

29 Apr

Lunch Audio #11

This is the first in a (probably) short run of tracks that sound like they could live in the Miami [&hellip

22 Apr

Lunch Audio #10

This weekend I went through a crisis of time. There’s never enough.  A friend helped me work through the things [&hellip

15 Apr

Lunch Audio #9 (Tax Day)

For anyone paying attention, number eight does not exist. did but it was so bad I’ve opted not to [&hellip

8 Apr

Lunch Audio #7

Wow. Week 7 already. This track needs something else.  I suspect a guitar or banjo line will do the trick, [&hellip

1 Apr

Lunch Audio #6 (Bonus Edition)

April Fools! Um. Well, no.  Since I’m way ahead (this post was scheduled pre-Ides), I have a bonus track along [&hellip

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