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1 Apr

Lunch Audio #6 (Bonus Edition)

April Fools! Um. Well, no.  Since I’m way ahead (this post was scheduled pre-Ides), I have a bonus track along [&hellip

25 Mar

Lunch Audio #5

This is a minute and a half of  me trying to piece together a Fatboy Slim style 70’s cop show [&hellip

18 Mar

Lunch Audio #4

Ah…lack of restraint.  Sometimes it can be a wonderful thing.  Other times, not so much. For this installment of Lunch [&hellip

11 Mar

Lunch Audio #3

First, housekeeping…  I’m moving these autoposts to 2:30ET on Thursday afternoon, as it seems to make more sense to have [&hellip

8 Mar

Lunch Audio #2

Ah. Installment #2.  It’s kind of amazing how easy it is to make a basic song with the tools that [&hellip

1 Mar

Lunch Audio #1

Welcome to the first installment of the Mount Mole lunch hour audio series.  In this series we’re going to try [&hellip

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