23 Mar 2012 by Mole, Comments Off on 2-0-1-2

If my posting prowess stays at the same level, this may be my only post for 2012.

I’ve done stuff, I’ll keep doing stuff.

Anyhow. Updates.

This album:

Is still out there.  The vinyl never materialized and my money vanished.  We’re not the only ones.  See http://www.bewarepoly-cut.com/ for more info.

Other stuff.

I still post things over at


Here’s one such thing:


Also the awesome folks at B3nson allowed me to make a song for their song of the week feature for 2012.  I made a video for that:

That’s it for now.  I’ve got my hands full with a lot of other concerns at the moment, so it might be thin for a while.

I update the Mount Mole facebook page more often, so check in there.

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