Art Official…Today

6 Sep 2011 by Mole, Comments Off on Art Official…Today

Well…today’s my arbitrary release date and no sign of the vinyl.  I sent the masters in back in early July, so I had hoped I’d have my 20 copies by now. While I hope that I’d have the vinyl by now, I suspected something was wrong back around Rest Fest. Ah…well…They could still come.

The packaging is something I’m really proud of (I collaborated with my cousin), so I’m still holding out hope that I’ll have something to sell/give away. In the meantime, I’m opening up the album for a pay what you want download for (at least) the first week. That includes free. My ultimate goal when I make a record is for people to hear it. I gave up the fantasy of making money from music long ago. And since this album cost me exactly nothing to make (aside from the as yet unrealized vinyl), it only makes sense to give it away to those already aware of Mount Mole.

Go grab yours HERE while it’s still free.

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