Rest Fest…

26 Aug 2011 by Mole, Comments Off on Rest Fest…

Hey surprise!!! This weekend is Restoration Festival in Albany and Mount Mole is actually going to play a live show.  I told myself that I wouldn’t ever present this project live, but that changed when I was asked nicely.  There are a couple of  factors that led me to say yes. The first is that no one will actually see me, so I don’t have to worry about presentation.  Frankly…I generally find it boring watching the one-man-band thing and didn’t want to subject anyone to that.  I’m going to be perched way up in an organ loft hidden behind a giant organ.  I’m also afraid of heights, so I ain’t going anywhere near the edge.

I also convinced Mike Hotter from Swamp Baby to play guitar on a song.  Oh…and I finished writing that song yesterday.  This is going to be white knuckle “hope it works” music.  It’s more fun living dangerously.  Three all new songs written in the past week.  I had to make it as hard as possible for myself.  On the other hand, I didn’t have to think hard about how to interpret the stuff I’ve put on record.  Starting with a blank slate let me tailor the performance.

Anyhow…I’m psyched.

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