Art Official is “Official”

27 Apr 2011 by Mole, Comments Off on Art Official is “Official”


It’s coming.  The latest Mount Mole record is going to be released sometime over the summer as a small batch (20 copies) mono lathe-cut 10″  clear vinyl record.  Right now the target date for release sits in August, depending on the backlog of the cutter.  The cover art is a photo by Ian Anderson.  I will likely sell these via Bandcamp (which will include a stereo download) and I expect the price will come in around $12 a copy.  I’m probably taking a small loss on these, but I do this for love, not money.


I will hold off on selling digital copies until all of the vinyl is sold.  That said, there will be streamable previews.  This is the 21st Century after all. Stay tuned for more.

Here’s the tracklist:

Side A:

  1. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark
  2. Is False, Is Fake
  3. Fits and Starts
  4. Signal
  5. The Atmosphere is Thin and Our Lungs are Getting Light
  6. Ice Man Cometh

Side B

  1. Poplar Birds
  2. Find the Exit
  3. Yeah, Whatever, I Surrender
  4. Mountain of Snow
  5. Beautiful, All That Dirt

Here’s a yet to be mastered version of “The Atmosphere is Thin and Our Lungs Are Getting Light”


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