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4 Feb 2011 by Mole, Comments Off on All the news that’s fit.

This is not the cover of the record. It might be, but it isn't.

Photo by Ian Anderson

  • I (Mount Mole) am in another band.  We’re called The Pill Crows and we’re a “real” band.  It’s definitely more standard indie-rock fare than MM.  I am proud of the fact that I’m a man of varied tastes and limited abilities.
  • I’m participating in the RPM challenge this month.  This effort, should I succeed, will technically be my 4th album, though it will likely be my 2nd release (not counting those Free-P’s that are up in the store.
  • Most of the tracks for the upcoming “Art Official” have been done since September aside from vocals.  On the plus side, I’ve finally set up a space where I can record vocals, so I’m looking forward to opening the floodgates. Below is a sampling of the record.  It includes a rap.  I’m not sure it fits on the record, but for now, you can hear it and weep.
  • I have a third record that the music is done for, but I haven’t written any lyrics.  It’s got the tentative title of “Mouton Elm”.

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