SadSadSad: A New FreE-P

30 Aug 2010 by Mole, Comments Off on SadSadSad: A New FreE-P

Happy Tuesday Monday!!! Yeah. So I’ve stopped the track of the week nonsense, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped.  Here’s an EP I’ve concocted that consists of tracks backed by various found spoken word stuff. A lot of it is the sort of thing I would have put together as a DJ at WHRW way back when. The Red zeroes and purple ?’s for those of you that are in the know. Well maybe it’s a lot dancier…

The title track is  the outlier in this set as there are actually lyrics.  They’re unintelligible and machine generated, but they are lyrics.

It was a fun exercise and worth a free release.  Maybe I’ll do it again sometime.

Go grab it on my Bandcamp page.

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