The Artless Word

6 Jul 2010 by Mole, Comments Off on The Artless Word

Surprise, surprise.  On this, the hottest wave we’ve seen in 2 years, I’m dropping some hotwave music on your unsuspecting self.

Basically, if you’ve been tracking my Lunch Audio offerings then you know that I’ve been spitting out a bunch of music.  As a matter of full disclosure, I have Lunch Audio queued up all the way through the one year mark.  Most (not all) of these 8 tracks are in that queue.  I’ve arbitrarily decided to stop Lunch Audio when that year is up, though I won’t stop making music by any stretch….

To celebrate I’m sharing an EP of stuff that’s not going to get fleshed out any further.  Instrumentals.

The Artless Word

It’s free, so grab it before I change my mind about releasing it. 😉

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