Lunch Audio #5

25 Mar 2010 by Mole, Comments Off on Lunch Audio #5

This is a minute and a half of  me trying to piece together a Fatboy Slim style 70’s cop show soundtrack.  Truth is that it was extremely easy.  The disclaimers follow.

Disclaimer #1 – I did this in 20 minutes (before work…so it’s technically coffee hour audio).

Disclaimer #2 – Everything in this track is an apple loop that came with Garageband. In headier days, I would have considered this cheating and to some degree I still do.  My ideal use of loops would be of one I played/modified/collected.  Canned loops are too easy and ultimately less satisfying.

As I climb down from my slippery soapbox, it should be noted that I think I succeeded in my aim of aping Norman Cook over the course of those 20 minutes.


Lunch Hour Audio #5

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