Lunch Audio #3

11 Mar 2010 by Mole, Comments Off on Lunch Audio #3

First, housekeeping…  I’m moving these autoposts to 2:30ET on Thursday afternoon, as it seems to make more sense to have a late week deadline.

Somehow it all keeps coming.  This track was a little tougher to work and actually took a couple of separate lunch hours to make.  There were lots of restarts in the process and the product you hear is quite a bit different from the starting point.  Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it isn’t.

In any case, this track’s all about the ambient stuff floating there in the background.  Perhaps it’s a little too Thom Yorke.

That said, I still rather like the pizzicato ending of this track.  I’ll probably use that bit somewhere if I don’t use the whole track.  Until next week…


Mount Mole – Lunch Audio #3

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